Training Philosophy
"My goal is to create independent riders and happy horses - in turn this leads to success in the show ring. Using a
systematic approach to the training scale, riders learn to develop the horse both mentally and physically through
classical dressage principles. Often times riders learn the 'tricks' of dressage before they understand the essential
basics of dressage and the training scale.  When this happens the rider becomes dependent on their instructor and
inadvertently puts their horse's wellbeing at risk".
-Charles Pinneo
“Charlie has a true understanding of how to build a horse
as an athlete; he knows how to be disciplined with the
horse’s training but still be fair, gentle and kind.  A great
combination is having a man that can engage the haunches
and make a horse active but still soft and easy for a lady . .
. Charlie can do this!”

-Betsy Steiner
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